Gug Alerts allows you to monitor your personal and professional interests on the web. Email alerts are generated when there is a match. You can monitor the entire web, changes on webpages, blogs, files, social media, persons, companies, patents, domain names, etc.

Simple and Free

Gug Alerts is a new online service for monitoring your personal and professional interests on the web. We have tried to make things simpler and easier to use while still providing a lot of flexibility and functionality for a low price. The first 3 alerts are free!


You can define alerts to monitor the web for webpages, blogs, files, etc. where certain keywords are present. The alerts will be checked on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You have access to an administration panel where you can modify the alerts and track status for each of them. We track the top 500 results for each alert.

Many Types

  • Standard – monitoring specific keywords on the internet
  • Website – monitoring for new subpages for a specific webpage
  • Social media – monitoring social media mentions of keywords, etc.
  • Blog – monitoring blogs for specific keywords
  • File – monitoring the web for files matching a specific type and keyword

And Even More…

  • Patent – monitoring for new patents with specific inventors, topics, etc.
  • Domain – monitoring for domains with specific keywords, owners, etc.
  • Person – monitoring the web for specific persons
  • Company – monitoring the web for specific companies

Advanced Configuration

The individual alerts can be customized to only search in specific languages, countries, etc. There is a wealth of parameters that can be set to configure exactly when the alert should trigger.
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